Friday, May 4, 2012

Life, Looms, & Markets

Our booth at the Wilkesboro Open Air Market

 I have been out of action for a while. It takes a lot of time to heal from a shattered elbow. I am finding a new normal, and getting some strength back into my arm, and just in rime to start some planting in my garden!

Uncle Bubba, weaving on the finished
Hauser Homestead Heritage Loom!
Joy Joy has been incubating some eggs for the gentleman who took Mr. Waddles. It has been an all new learning curve for her this time. She had one hatch that was deformed and it lasted for about a day. Then she had one hatch early and it still had it yolk sack on it. We looked it up, found what to do for it,but it didn't make it either. That was harder because we thought it would. There have been 4 healthy chicks and we are praying all the others hatch, and are strong and healthy.

Our friend "uncle Buba" finished work on the Hauser Homestead Heritage Loom. It is a thing of beauty! I was very impressed with the finished product.
We took the Loom, and the info about the Port-A-Coop to our local Open Air Market. Our booth had a lot of visitors and we had a lot of fun talking with people.
Our friend Barbara was there
spinning her Alpaca's fur into beautiful yarn. 
I hope to post more again now that I am functioning again and the weather is warmer. Remember if you are interested in plans for the Port-A-Coop, click on the link on the top right of the page. It is a good family project to do during the summer with the kids!
Joy Joy explaining how the Port-A-Coop works &
Uncle Buba weaving.
I will have information up soon on how to order your own handcrafted quality loom.