Why Have Chickens?

Q.Why do you want chickens in your back yard? Your not on a farm.
A. Chickens are fun, they make good pets, are easy to care for,they keep weeds and bugs down, and the best part, they lay eggs!

Q.Won't your neighbors complain about the crowing?
No. We will not keep the roosters.

Q. Don't you need a rooster for eggs?
A. No. You need a rooster for making fertile eggs that will hatch babies, but hens will lay (non-fertile) eggs without a rooster.

Q. How many chickens will you have?
A. 4 or 5. That number will provide our family with plenty of healthy eggs. Eggs that have been lain by happy healthy chickens, who get to play and eat in the grass and sunshine, eating things they were created to eat. Bugs, weeds, some grains, and kitchen (veggie and bread kind) scraps.

Q. Will you name them?
A. Yes! My daughter named them coming out of the shell. We will not be eating these chickens. They will be our egg laying pets.
Q. Where do you get chickens?
A. Tractor Supply has them in the spring, or you can get them from a friend, a livestock type sale in your area, or mail order them. You can get eggs and hatch them in an incubator too. (Makes a very educational project for children, young or old!)

Q. Do they smell bad?
A. No! Large groups of chickens in a building smell VERY bad, but small groups of chickens in a outside coop that moves around has almost no smell. I have not noticed any smell, even in the inside where they sleep at night. The inside probably will get a little smelly when it's about time to clean it out. But after 2 months there is really no smell yet.

Q.What do you keep them in?
A. We built a port-a-coop that has wheels and you can move it around the yard, and go inside if it is raining or night time.
The benefits of this is, they do not tear up the yard with all their scratching. They also eat bugs and any weeds you have, and spread wonderful manure/fertilizer over your yard.
Q. What are some other reasons to have your own chickens?
A. Your eggs will be higher in vitamins than store bought. If there is an egg recall from those factory farmed eggs, you will not have to worry!
They make a great 4-H and or school project for your children. My 10 year old is in charge of them for the most part. We do help her move the coop every day.
Aged chicken poo is wonderful stuff and quite pricey in the stores. You will have your own to put in your garden , flower bed or spread in your lawn.

Alpha says you should have a port-a-coop too!