Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Jumbo Double Yolker!

Next to a regular size L egg
Joy Joy came earlier all excited because one of her chickens laid a giant egg!
It was too big to put away so she cooked it up, and it was a double yolker!  She was kind enough to share with her mommy. I tasted really good!
Couldn't fit it in the carton.

It was a 2 person egg. Two Large Yolks in it. Yummy!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Chicken Eggs and Weaving Looms

All 5 hens are now laying! Alpha's is far left (the little one) That is her 1st!
 All five of our hens are now laying, so we get 3 to 5 eggs every day. They taste so much better than store bought. If you have never had a fresh egg from a chicken that lives a really good life, full of grass, bugs, kitchen scraps, and yes, laying feed, not to mention, fresh air and sunshine. You have know idea what you are missing!

If you remember my post about how I was teaching myself weaving, I have finally finished my original project this weekend. I took it off the loom tied the edges, and then crocheted  (because the edges were a mess!) the edges to finish it off and make it look nice(er).

Blue scarf finished on the Hauser Homestead Heritage Ridged heddle Loom, and baby doll blanket  on my  4  heddle loom .
 Our genius friend who designed and built the Port-a-Coop chicken tractor, (Plans are available for purchase here )designed and built Joy Joy a ridged heddle loom! I tried it out by making a scarf for Bug a Boo. She loves it. I still have some warp left on both of them. I will let Joy Joy practice on her loom and I will practice some more on my 4 heddle loom.
The Hauser Heritage Ridged Heddle Loom. Coming soon!!!
Other news on the homestead: It has been a very mild winter here in the foothills of NC. The buds are coming out on my peach tree too early, and I fear a freeze.

I am ready to go out and start getting my soil ready for the garden. This last year, not much grew. I am praying for a much better crop this year!