Thursday, September 22, 2011

Rainy Day Post

Little things that make me happy.
Today is the third day in a row of clouds and rain. I could use a little sunshine about now. I will have to content myself with a good cup of coffee. I would go for tea, but I was up with Nate the Great last night who was very croupy, so strong coffee this morning.

I wanted to share my new favorite preparedness blog, Purposeful Preparation for Survival, with you. This family has all sorts of great info! In fact I have been planning on making a lot of these, "paper products".  After school today with my kids, I plan on having a nice warm cup of tea and reading this blog.

We are still trying to find a home for our rooster Mr. Waddles. I am afraid, that my Honey may have to learn a new survival skill soon if we don't find him a home.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Apple Picking

Bug-a-boo going after the high ones.
 It has been a crazy few weeks. I thought with the start of school life would calm down into a nice routine. HA! Not so. The good thing about homeschooling is that you can take on life as it comes at you. Like caring for grandma when she is to sick to help herself. That in itself is a life lesson you cannot find in a workbook.
He found THE perfect apple.
We took an afternoon away from the craziness to pick some yummy apples at a friends apple orchard. They also took three of our hens that needed a home. Now we just need a home for our rooster Mr. Waddles. I was going to offer him for free in our local paper, till I heard he would find a home quickly, as a  cock fighter! That is not going to happen. It would be much kinder to put him in the stew pot. Not sure if we are hungry enough to do that though.

Joy Joy found a new home for 3 of her girls.
I did not get a fall garden planted. You have to be home to do that! My Honey love has been busy building us a garden shed as funds come in.
We got 4 and 1/2 pumpkins from the compost pumpkin plants. A half you say? Yes. A ground hog got the other half. He could go in the stew pot too, as far as I am concerned. I wonder what groundhog tastes like?
My Honey love building me a garden shed!
I am planning (but will it really happen?) to go out and put the garden to bed and get it ready for next year. I have some clover seeds to put in, and I should get the litter (wood chips and chicken poo) out of the hen house spread it around the garden and put fresh in the coop for the winter. Then we will have more nice litter for the spring.
The chickens have much more room in their yard with the 3 hens gone. The chickens seemed unusually subdued for a couple of days after we gave away their sisters. Thankfully they are acting like themselves again.