Thursday, September 22, 2011

Rainy Day Post

Little things that make me happy.
Today is the third day in a row of clouds and rain. I could use a little sunshine about now. I will have to content myself with a good cup of coffee. I would go for tea, but I was up with Nate the Great last night who was very croupy, so strong coffee this morning.

I wanted to share my new favorite preparedness blog, Purposeful Preparation for Survival, with you. This family has all sorts of great info! In fact I have been planning on making a lot of these, "paper products".  After school today with my kids, I plan on having a nice warm cup of tea and reading this blog.

We are still trying to find a home for our rooster Mr. Waddles. I am afraid, that my Honey may have to learn a new survival skill soon if we don't find him a home.

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