Sunday, May 26, 2013

RIP Snow Flake and Clover Flower GF Pancakes

 Life can be hard sometimes. Being in a subdivision, in a fenced garden, and in a cage, we thought our sweet pets Snowflake and his girl Crow were safe from harm. The girls went out a couple of weeks ago to find something had reached in and taken their heads off. :-( Heart breaking!
It has been weeks, and writing this still makes me want to cry. 
Full grown and still tiny. They may have been tiny but they were large on personality!

 We borrowed a live capture trap and caught a Opossum. What a nasty rodent! Not sure if he was the killer or not but we were glad to get him out of here anyway.
We are pretty sure there is a Raccoon because something kept getting the food out of the trap without getting caught.

On a brighter note, I am getting our garden in and the kids have been helping out this year! Wanting to help! This has caused thing to go much faster than when I am doing it by myself. It also makes me very happy. 
Free food that grows so effortlessly!
 I saw a video on you tube where they were deep frying battered Clover flowers and that gave me the idea of making "pancakes" with them.

The kids went out and picked a bunch of them for me.
Then I made a batter of Brown Rice flour, Millet flour, eggs, honey and a couple fist fulls of clover flowers. Four out of five kids liked them with syrup. The 5th asked me, "Is it a salad or is it a pancake? Don't mix the two!" That made me laugh. Hubby said they needed onion. So this morning I made them again without the honey but put 1/2 an onion and some cheddar cheese and they were pretty darn good!
 Now to find stuff to do with Dandelions and Violets other than picking them with my salads and throwing them in my green smoothies.

Are you into edible weeds? What ones do you eat? How do you fix them?
I like the idea of working with what wants to grow instead of fighting with my Spinach that does not want to grow well for me.

Clover pancakes.

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