Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Blueberry Picking and Jo Jo the Bunny

My garden from the view of my bedroom. This was about a month ago.

Nate the Great who never liked blueberries till he had these.

Tina hard at work. Note the bare feet, yes. this is my child. 

My eldest son proving you can be cool, and pick berries at the same time. 

Bug a boo!

Joy Joy was working hard. She might have been able to fill her bucket had she not eaten so many while picking. 

We all ate a LOT while we picked. None of us had ever been blueberry picking before  & I really wanted to go and make memories, and have LOTS of blueberries. We were having fun picking, we had our friend Sarabeth with us, and it was hot but not to bad. We were watching clouds roll in and that cooled things of. Then it started raining on us but we kept picking. Then it got heavier and Nate the great went to wait in the car. The wind really kicked up and started pouring so we ran to the car with what we had only to find I had left the windows down! LOL Then we put our pickings into the buckets we brought for this use and found we had just over 4 gallons of blueberries. I then had to run through the sheets of rain and put the money in the honesty bucket. By the time I made it back to the car I was soaked to the skin! We had the heat on high to try to warm us up, but I had to turn the air on up front because my window was fogging up! All together we had a great time and we will never forget our blueberry picking adventure! 

If you want to go Blueberry picking ,I suggest Green Mesa Blueberry Farm. The girls help Miss Arlene  make the BEST blueberry smoothies you will ever taste on Friday nights at the Wilkesboro Open Air Market and it is her blueberry farm we went picking at.

This is the Hauser Homesteads newest addition. He is a sweet dwarf bunny who was in need of a loving home. Bugaboo takes good care of him, and Jo Jo provides her with something to love and care for.  

Jo Jo taking a nap in a bed of clover. He gets to run around in the garden in the morning and (evening if not to hot). He will hop, run, nibble and if Bugaboo calls him, he comes bounding over for a treat. He is delightful! 

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