Friday, May 27, 2011

Amaranth, what is that?

Today, I want to talk about Amaranth. My husband read about how easy it is and how very good for you it is, and now he is known, among a small amount of people, as the Amaranth king. I want him to write about it some time but he is working too hard right now, so I shall do my best.
Here is a pretty good article about it, Amaranth, a healthy grain .
Some plants from last year.
We have a lot of volunteers from this crop coming up this year.

I am looking up at it. It was over 6 feet.

I think this one was called Elephant head or love lies bleeding?
You can buy the flour in health food stores or it is in some of the better Gluten free foods. I had bought a lb of the seeds from our local food co-op and cooked it like I would rice and it is okay. Some of what Frank grew last year had black seeds. Now, those were REALLY good! In my opinion much better than the blond ones we got from the co-op. Frank like the blond ones better, I think.
I love the young leaves cooked. The whole plant is edible, but like lettuce and other greens they taste much better when the plants are smaller.
Here is another good article about the benefits of eating amaranth. Why Amaranth  If you are like me a wheat and gluten makes you sick, this is a GREAT food to try. Add some to your landscaping then collect the seeds in the fall.
I will have to look into feeding it to the chickens too!
As a side, our cat that got caught in the storm last night came in this morning no worse for wear, and the garden did fine. Praise God!


  1. I remember seeing this plant, but never picked it up. I'm going to grow it next year. Thank you for the inspiration!

  2. Thanks for the great info. I would love to know if I can feed it to my chickens.
    New follower. Hope you follow back.