Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Rain, and Cooped up Chickens and People

It is has been 50 degrees and pouring rain today, so the chicken wire is not on the port-a-coop yet. So the poor chickens have been in the garage all day and the kids and I cooped up in the house. Sigh... I know rain is a blessing for our garden but I really don't like gray days.
I did just read a neat article about the benefits of keeping just a few chickens in your back yard. The lady writing the article really needs to build herself one of our nifty port-a-coops though!
Enjoy the article. It will make you want a small flock of chickens of your own.
 I also heard today that we may have to buy 50.00$ light bulbs! Yes, we may all have to embrace a simpler lifestyle soon.
Here is a thought I had. We used a normal incandescent light bulb in the heat lamp for the chicks. I also use the light bulb in the oven as a small heat source when making yogurt. What will we use when we are not allowed to buy those anymore?
Yes, gray day and no good news in the news. I hope the sun comes out tomorrow.

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