Monday, June 20, 2011

Bugs and Beets

BUGS! I am bugged by bugs! We found squash bug eggs on the squash plants today, so spent a good amount of time getting those off the leaves, squashing the Squash bugs and spraying with Neem. I am hoping we caught it early enough. Frank's potatoes are being eaten by potato bugs. :-( Nasty things! We have been picking them off and putting them in a cup of soapy water.
I am praying for some good bugs!
We had a Praying Mantis one year that the kids found with a broken wing. We put it out in the garden and he lived all summer in there going from tomato plant to tomato plant. Praying Mantis is my favorite insect!
Co Potato Beetle
Squash bugs. 
Squash bug eggs.
Find the under the leave most of the time.

Some good news is, I brought in the best beet crop I have ever had tonight. Usually I grow them just for the greens (or these should be called purples.) but the beets themselves were small and fibrous. This year they are small but lovely. We have pretty hard soil, so I can be content with sweet little beets. I will blanch the greens and freeze them, and cook up the cute little beets. Yummy!
I have to tell you about the blue basket! I found it at a yard sale this past weekend for 2.00. I almost didn't get it, but I am SO glad I did. It is very handy for bringing in the produce, then it fits perfectly in the sink! My guests were laughing at me at my daughter's birthday party because I was so excited about my basket. (Yup, I am pretty easy to please!)

Well the server is not letting me upload any more pictures, so I will try to post the rest tomorrow.

It is not too late to join in the Blog Hop that I posted about in my last post. So join up.

Happy Gardening!


  1. What do you do with the greens? I eat borsch all year long, but I don't know anything about the greens.

  2. I cook them up like spinach or pick the leaves (even the big leaves of this type were not bitter) while they are growing and eat them in salad. Last year I planted, a kind that I can't remember the name of. We didn't like those very much at all. This year I planted Bulls Blood. Best beets I've ever had! Sweet, the greens and the beets.

  3. You will be happy to know that chickens love beets too!

  4. There is an organic spray called spinosad that will get rid of the Colorado potato beetle. I hate those things. This is sommer btw.