Saturday, June 25, 2011

Pictures From our Tiny but Happy Homestead

I can't paint, so I Photoshop.
The big squash plant in the back, is in the middle compost pile.
Henna and Alpha. See how much smaller Alpha is?
I still need to paint that board!
She is a sweet little thing. She could see if she got her hair cut!
Last night I went out and took a bunch of pictures to share with you.
Today I went and found 6 plants for $2.10. 2 tomato plants, 3 Oregano, 1 pretty yellow Marigold, and a healthy looking Impatien.
I thought the Oregano was almost worth the dime I paid for each of them but after a good watering they don't look half bad.

There were beetles eating our peaches!

Who says chickens aren't cute? Look at that face!
Purple Iris seed pods? What do I do with this?

Purple sage


The start of a Amaranth flower

Gerber Daisy

Coxcomb: Was my Mother's Day gift from my Nate.

Something that grew in this mix.

A baby zucchini!

My Happy, volunteer Marigolds 
First tomatoes

Joy Joy's carrots and pepper plant.

Bad baby squash bug. :-(  I squashed him.

The damage done by the squash bugs. :-(

Compost pile surprise! What do you think it is?
Why add Gerber daisies to my garden? Because they make me happy!
Flowers also attract pollinators,
 but I plant them because they are pretty.
Joy Joy's 4-H garden

Bug-a-boo's 4-H garden

Nate's 4-H garden
Can you feel the love? I didn't even have to tell them to pose and be cute.
It just happened!


  1. Are those Polish chickens that I see? These pictures are really great.

  2. Alpha and another (whose name I cannot remember and is larger than Alpha) both look like one. Alpha more so. They are chicken mutts. Or barnyard mix sounds nicer. We have one that looks Americana and who I hope is a hen.