Friday, August 12, 2011

New Readers and The Port-A-Coop Update

I was excited (giddy actually) to find out our Port-A-Coop was featured on the Community Chicken Mother Earth E-news letter! This is a great sight that I go to all the time for information.
   So first, I want to welcome our new readers and thank those who have e-mailed asking about the port-a-coop. It has brought to my attention, some things that need to be addressed.
We have been using the prototype port-a-coop since mid May and so far it is holding up wonderfully.
 I should mention, that we picture the girls moving the coop, and they do. When it is going across the yard they pick it up and swivel it to the side, or they can move it down hill. It is heavy enough that when we are moving it up the hill, it takes Dad, or myself and my teenage son to help me move it. It would be nicer if it was lighter and easier to move, BUT that would have a down side too. After it was built in May, we had a large storm that was taking down trees and sending horizontal rain, but the Port-a-coop stood strong. You can't really tell from the pictures, but our backyard is quite a hill. Our garden is at the bottom where it it almost flat. I really believe a lighter one would have gone down the hill into the gully behind our yard and been broken or at the least tipped over. So I can't complain about the weight, as it helps it stay put when you don't want it moving.
The cost to build was roughly 300.00$ to build.
It has 4, nesting boxes, the house is 4'by 4' and the yard is 4' by 8'. It can hold 4 large hens comfortably or more of a smaller breed.  We will be keeping 5 mixed breed in ours. 4 are going to another home, as soon as he has his place for them ready... I hope it is soon.
I have added some wood chips to the inside (we use the deep litter method) but have not had to change it out yet. I will probably change it out before it gets cold so it will make it through the winter before it needs changed again, and so I can use it on my garden to help winterize it.
If you have anymore questions about it, please ask in the comment section below. I will try to answer to the best of my knowledge.
Thank you for reading!

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