Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Chicken Tractor / Port-A-Coop in the Making

Measure twice cut once!

 Thomas and Josiah looking at the plans.
 Abby learning to put screws in.
 All hands on deck.

 Rachel and Josiah having a Kodak moment.
Rachel and John. (John happens to be the one who designed the coop!)

 Rachel working hard.
 Its starting to look like something.
A model of what it will look like when its all done!
A sample of the plans that will be available.
This is our soon to be chicken home! It is taking longer than we thought to build, (Doesn't everything though?) due to scheduling, weather, finding little changes that need to be made... you get the idea.
It has been fun though and we can't wait to get it finished and painted!


  1. Hi Josiah,
    This caught my eye and made me laugh. My husband has wanted chickens since we've been married but we've always lived in a neighborhood where chickens (and especially roosters!) are not welcome. Unfortunately, I MUST show him this or I would feel that I was keeping it from him. I'm going to hear about chickens for days now! We have some wooded lots behind our home so he thinks he'll be able to pull this off. (*rolls eyes) We just finished up his bunny phase...yet he is promising to get more. ~Joy

  2. Love it! Can I get plans for this coop?