Monday, April 18, 2011

Our Backyard Homestead

Spring is here! Time to plant the garden, chicks are hatching in my daughter's incubator and we are building a chicken tractor! I love spring!
So you might be asking, what pray tell is a chicken tractor?
Are pictures of a chicken driving a John Deer going through your head?
Chicken tractors, other wise known as port-a-coops are small movable chicken coops that you can move around your yard so the chickens can eat all those healthy bugs and weeds while giving back to the ground wonderful fertilizer!
We live in a subdivision so we are limited in what we can have. No milk goats, cows, ducks are too loud and messy... so we are going to have four or 5 hens (no rooster!). We will have eggs enough for our family, fertilizer for the yard and garden, and they will keep the bugs and weeds down. What more could you ask for?
I will post pictures when it is built and we will have plans for it for purchase so you too can have some beautiful hens in your backyard!


  1. So glad you got this blog up and running. And here's two thumbs up for the chicken tractor or port-a-coop. This is a great invention and I know the plans you are making available for sale are excellent!

  2. Hey sis! Yay on your blog here! Let me know when those chicken tractor plans are ready...we just may be interested in one :)
    Love ya! TTFN