Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Some More Pictures of our Chicken Adventure

      The Incubator bought from Tractor Supply.
                                                         Got to keep them warm!
    Candled them at 8 days and could see life in 11 of the 12.
Here comes Alpha, named of course because he was the 1st.
                      Isn't he cute?
One of the others making a break for it. ;-)
   5 chicks waiting for the others to dry enough to join them.
  Rachel's little set up. Going to get a larger box in a day or two.

          These are what you call a Barnyard Mix. Which is chicken for mutt. :-)
They came from good healthy layers and should be strong chickens. I am glad we are doing this. It has already been a great life lesson for the kids and will continue to be one, plus a good Homeschooling and
4-H project!
Next post, I will show more pictures of their future home as its coming along.

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